Saturday, June 21, 2008

Traveling week

The next few days Amalea and I will be on the go as we keep busy while Jim is in Peru. Sunday, we will be driving out to Brea to see Jamie (visiting from her new home in Texas), Lena, and Erin. Monday we'll drive to Santa Cruz to see my parents. Wednesday we fly to Portland (thankfully my mom is coming too) and then Thursday we fly back from Portland to Santa Cruz. Saturday we drive back to Moorpark from Santa Cruz. It will be a busy week of traveling, but we will get to see lot of very special people and that makes it totally worth it.


Lewis Cash said...

Did that say that you are flying to Portland on Wed and leaving on Thurs? What a quick trip!

I teach 7/8 math... which can be a little tough as you might imagine. Feel free to hit me up on e-mail or phone (you can get my info from Ron or Erin if you need to) if you need any tips or have questions on teaching middle schoolers. I would imagine that the transition from high school to middle school wont be too hard; however, there are probably some big changes too.

Jamie Lynne the First said...

I am so glad that I got to see you guys both :). Let's skype when you get back from crazy travels!