Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The one I love

I think my husband is one of the most insightful people I know. He makes me think about tough things and he also makes me laugh so hard. He is the perfect balance of goofy and serious. We have been married almost 4 years and it has been one incredible adventure. Much has happened in those 4 years - we welcomed a child, we traveled and served in other countries, we invested in the lives of youth in Thousand Oaks, and of course we made a huge move recently. Jim recently posted on his blog about our move and I love his words. Many people have asked why we moved and for whatever reason that is a hard question for me to answer, but I think Jim does a great job explaining it from his perspective. So check out his blog and see what he has to say.

Monday, October 27, 2008

CA prop 8

I received an email last night from one of my closest friends from high school and I wanted to share it here (I got her permission of course). The text below was actually written by her mother and I love her words - I think they touch so beautifully on what many of us feel regarding homosexuality. She is honest, real, raw, and personal - and I love it.

"As a parent the two most important things I want for my kids are for them to be happy and healthy. So when my daughter came to me and said she was the happiest she has ever been, that she has found someone she loved, then of course I was happy and excited for her. The only thing was, the love of her life was another woman. So I reacted like most other mothers would and I cried. This is not how I pictured her. The thoughts that ran through my mind were endless. I feared for her. I knew she would encounter many obstacles, that people who did not know her and know all her qualities would make unfavorable judgment of her, that her life would be so foreign and different from mine. It wasn't until I understood the depth of her unhappiness and her personal struggle to come to grips with her sexuality that I realized that she was hurting. She hid it well and sometimes even hid it from herself until she met someone who made her feel loved.

I tell you this because California has a proposition on the ballot that will affect not only her but other gay people who like her are extraordinary people who want the same rights and lives as married people. They have the same dreams as the rest of us have and they deserve the same joys and love that married people share. It is time that we open arms to everyone and dismiss our fears and treat people equally. I encourage you to vote No on Prop 8 so that all people have that chance of a happy and complete life with the one they love."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My new do

It's funny how there are so many little things that go into making a move to a new city. Things such as finding a new doctor, dentist, hair stylist, etc. This week Jim and I both got our hair cut by a girl that we met at our community. We both walked away very happy with our new cuts. I decided to cut most of my hair off in the back because I wanted it to be easy and not take too much time. It ended up a lot shorter than what I had imagined in my head, however I love it. I guess that is why I am not the hair stylist and Joelle is. I don't look like a boy which was my fear after my last two times cutting it short (6th grade and 12th grade). She left it long in the front which helps keep the girl image going. Anyway, here are a few pics of my short hair and you can also see that Ami's hair is getting long. She has great curls which will be fun learning to tame since neither Jim nor I have curls.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here is a picture of my wonderful birthday cake. My amazing husband and wonderful friend created this masterpiece. I was not allowed in the kitchen while they worked away and then when it was all finished we dove into the cake. It was my favorite - confetti cake with confetti frosting!
My birthday was extra special this year because I had an unexpected visitor. Jim and my dear friend from SoCal, Andy, planned for her to surprise me. Last Thursday Andy flew up to Portland (after being told by her doctor not to fly - what a great friend) and I had no idea at all. Even as Jim was "craving Panda Express" (which is near the airport) and wanting to go shopping for a few things (also at a store next to the airport) I had no idea. When he suggested we walk around a little after eating and shopping "because it was such a nice evening" I thought nothing of it. Even when he suggested we drive through the airport since we were so close I honestly had no thought that maybe we were picking someone up. As Jim pulled to the curb and I saw Andy standing there it still took me a good 20 seconds for it all to register and for me to believe that she was actually there.
I had so much fun having one of my closest friends here for the weekend. She is a friend that life feels so natural with and I didn't feel the need to entertain - we just relaxed, saw Portland, and had great conversations together.
I am so thankful to Jim and Andy for making my birthday extra special. And thank you to the rest of you who sent text messages, facebook comments, called, sent cards, and thought about me. I truly am blessed and felt loved as I celebrated my last 3 years until the big 30!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crafting Days

I finished a book this weekend and will start the Twilight series tomorrow. I am actually borrowing the book from one of my students since they all keep telling me I need to read it. It is the current most popular teen lit series so I figured I should be a good teacher and read it so that I can converse with them about it.
I am also finishing up making some cards to be mailed out this week.

I guess I am doing better at making time for those things. I haven't gotten out my sewing machine yet, but once Christmas gets closer I am sure I will. I'll be making some budget Christmas gives on my sewing machine this year (so get excited, but also very nervous).

It feels good to finish a book and to get lost in it while I was reading. It feels good to create cards for others to enjoy. I'm happy to say my crafting days are dusting off the cobwebs and beginning again after a much too long break.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The cutest boy

I think Amalea is the cutest girl, but today I saw a picture of the cutest boy...Seth Webber.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Seth Edward Webber

At 2:01 this afternoon my very dear friend, Sarah, gave birth to her son Seth. When I talked to her around 5:00 this afternoon she sounded incredible, like it was any other day. I am so proud of her. She didn't it completely natural. Seth weighed in at 7 pounds and was 19 3/4 inches long. I haven't yet seen pictures, but I am anxious to see the boy I know will be beautiful. Seth joins his twin sisters who Sarah and her husband Carey are in the process of adopted. They are a beautiful family and I am so excited to meet Seth one day. I'll post a picture when I get one. Welcome Seth - I love you already.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


There are three things I have really been missing in my life.
First, I miss scrapbooking and sewing. I was never great and either one of those things, but it was something I enjoyed doing. I didn't start sewing until I was pregnant (after giving it up in high school), but I really liked it. Both sewing and scrapbooking were times when I would focus on the project before me and put everything else aside. For Amalea's birthday she got an incredible home made gift that really made me miss sewing. I often have project ideas in my head, but they rarely ever get made.
The other thing I really miss is reading. Reading is one of my biggest hobbies and I haven't read anything since August. That is a really long time for me. The pile of books I intend to read is growing as is my list of books to get at the library, but I am currently reading nothing.
I feel like I need to make time for these things again. I find myself often overwhelmed with all that is going on in life. I know I need to have more balance and I am sure if I did I would be a better parent and a better wife. I hate that I get frustrated with those around me when they have done nothing to deserve it. I am stressed and therefore incredibly crabby to people who don't deserve to have to deal with me.
I miss taking out a project and working until that feeling of being overwhelmed disappeared. Sure, it often came back after I finished, but that hour was blissful. I miss getting totally lost in a book and staying up way too late because I can't make myself put the book down.
I guess I've complained enough. I suppose my problem is my own fault. I mean I could have been reading or crafting instead of writing this blog to complain about the absence of those things.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One year

I can't believe that Amalea is already turning one. The time has gone by so quickly. I see the girl she is becoming and I can't help but laugh. The kid has a great sense of humor and already loves to make people laugh. We are headed to the Zoo in a little bit to celebrate and I'm excited to see her reaction to the animals. We went in April and she was pretty indifferent to the whole thing, but maybe this time she'll care that she is standing next to a lion!!