Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Another reason I love Portland...Sunday morning it snowed!

I was making breakfast while Jim was sleeping in a little to recover from a crazy week he had teaching. The forecasts had said snow, but when I woke up I checked - nothing yet. As I was cooking I saw out of this out of the corner of my eye...This is looking out our back window. I grabbed Ami, ran upstairs, flung open the blinds, woke Jim up, and starting jumping up and down...yes, I love snow!

After we had a little something to eat we got all bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow. Amalea had so much fun playing and started to cry when we told her it was time to go back inside.The fun didn't stop inside though. We went out on Monday with our neighbors and ran a few errands together. While out we picked up a sled for the snow and Ami tested it out. Jim pulled her all around the house and she loved it.It's Tuesday now and I had another snow day. So, yesterday and today I didn't have to work. The weather calls for the temperatures to drop again tonight and maybe more snow Wednesday night. We'll see what happens. To be honest it was silly to me that the schools were closed today because the roads aren't too bad, but it seems like in Portland when it snows things shut down because people are so excited, which is fine by me.

P.S. Sorry, I don't know how to make those underlines go away. Lo siento


Kristi said...

Hey! I'm Kristi, from Thimble Thoughts. I was just blog surfing and ran across yours. The snow looks wonderful. We don't get much of it here in NC, but when we do the entire town stops to play.

Hope y'all have fun with your new sled. Sounds like fun!


Jaci Bounds said...

So glad you guys got snow days! We had our first snow/ice today. I love it! Glad Ami is enjoying Portland winters!

Mariko Marie said...

Ami looks so stinkin cute all bundled up and playing in the snow!! How fun!

Jamie Lynne Lapeyrolerie said...

I love it!

lenamarie said...

Yay for no school & fun in the snow. Ami is SO cute! I'm glad y'all are enjoying yourselves in that frigid weather. =) It's wet here & I'm not a fan of driving in the rain or coming to work on rainy days. I just want to stay home with a blanket & watch a movie.