Friday, September 14, 2007

Time for a change

I feel like so much in my life is changing at this time so I figured why not change my blog site as well. Amalea's due date is getting closer and closer so the waiting period has really arrived. Every time I feel anything out of the ordinary I wonder if it means anything - but not yet. I am off of work now so I am taking care of some last minute things to get ready and also trying to relax and sleep before the sleepless nights start. Amalea has been moving so much lately and its been really neat because when I feel her I am able to definitely feel bones and specific body parts - she is not just a blob of a human being anymore - she has developed and is continuing to grow. Besides being more than ready for her to come out and feeling like I am ready to be done being pregnant (I'm just being honest) I am so incredibly excited to be a mom. Jim and I talk about how we just can't wait...we know it is going to be hard and challenging...but we can' wait even for the challenges. We know God's timing is perfect and the time has come.

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