Thursday, April 17, 2008

Currently Me

So, I'm not sure anyone ever reads this, but I guess to some degree it's more for me anyway.

Anyway, I stole the following questions off someone else's blog. In fact, I don't even know this person (sure hope she doesn't hate me for stealing) but was reading her stuff because she is a friend of a friend (you know the whole blog community idea). I enjoyed reading what she said and started to think about my own answers to these questions. I have many other things I should be doing right now (laundry, making baby food, packing for another wedding weekend, cleaning up, working in the yard) but its nice to sit and ponder my life for a bit. Here goes:

1. What have been the proudest moments in your life?
My wedding and when my daughter was born. I always thought I wouldn't get married and when I met Jim I felt so lucky and honored. Committing my life to him before family and friends was a very great day. When Amalea was born I have never felt more proud. It was a tough day, but she is so amazing and beautiful and I feel proud of her everyday as she grows.

2. What would you do if you won the lottery and money were no object?
First, I would go back to Kenya and work with the kids there more - that was one of the best experiences of my life. I would adopt children. I would buy a house that could be filled with multiple families and start a communal living situation. I would buy my friend Lindsay a new car (and selfishly probably buy myself one too). I would go visit friends I haven't seen in awhile or pay for them to come visit us. And I would put money aside so my children could go to college one day.

3. What are the roads you didn’t take because at the time they seemed wrong to you, unfamiliar, too rocky, or just less traveled?
Initially I didn't take the road to becoming a teacher, but instead pursued something else. It didn't take long for God to get through to me though and now I teach and absolutely love it. I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life.

4. What did you daydream about as a kid?
Camping and being at the lake. I have always found peace when sitting by a lake.

5. What childhood pursuits or pastimes would you like to pick up again?
Riding my bike everywhere. I used to ride all around the neighborhood and adventure all over - I wish I did that more now.

6. What makes you feel free, serene or full of nervous excitement?
This sounds silly, but I feel free when I am playing with Amalea. I am totally crazy and weird, but I don't even care at all - it's wonderful.

7. What would your perfect day contain?
Chocolate, my husband, my daughter, lots of laughter, adventures outdoors, and good food.

8. List the women you most admire.
My mom for her strength in fighting a disease every day and my grandma Lorene for her attitude and spirit when life was hard.


McNabb Clan said...

i like to read your ponderings! love you robin dawn. ~Ali

Sarah Webber said...

Now why would you think no one reads your blog? I love reading your blog. Especially when I'm in it (like the friends with kids!)

Ron GP said...

I think I may need to find some "lake time" in my life....

Keep up the writing!

Jamie Lynne the First said...

Aww, that was fun to read. :)

Courtney said...

I read your blog all the time! I feel like we have some stuff in commen as far as our little girls being so close in age so I like to read what you post about being a mom and the new things Amalea is learning. Keep writing! :)

Anonymous said...
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Lewis Cash said...

Nice spam above me... at least that guy is reading!

Just kidding, I read you blog too and I liked this post a lot. I agree with Ron, I need some lake time (don't we all?).