Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life of an introvert

This week I came face-to-face with one of my faults. You see, I am an introvert, and though that in itself is not exactly a fault, it can be. Since I am an introvert I tend to not be very outgoing until I really know people. Rather I am shy and a bit reserved until I am comfortable. This also means that I don't really approach others and I definitely rarely initiate conversations. The reason this can be a fault is that on several occasions others have decided that I am mean or cold or even a "bitch". They have come to this conclusion because I keep to myself and though I smile and say hello or wave at times that is as fas as I go and therefore it is decided that I am not a very nice person.
This is something I want to change. Not the fact that I am an introvert, but the fact that I am not outgoing upon initially meeting new people (of course there are always exceptions and at times I can be my totally zany self from the start). When we move to Portland my goal is to push myself to talk to strangers more and to really put myself out there when I meet new people.
It makes me so sad that people around me think I don't like them or that I am mean and I want my true heart to show - the heart that loves and accepts all people.

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Sarah Webber said...

oh Robie, you are so great. Portland WILL be quite the opportunity to practice meeting new people, although I can't imagine anyone thinking that you are mean.