Sunday, February 8, 2009

They Know...

I've been waiting to tell my students that I am pregnant - not because I didn't want them to know, but I was hoping that they would ask. I was curious to see who would be the brave student who would venture to ask why I was getting fat.
Wednesday last week during my first period class I overheard two students who sit in the front talking. This is their conversation:
Student 1: "Ask her"
Student 2: "No way, that is so awkward."
S1: "It's Mrs. Krill - it isn't awkward." (not sure what that really means) "Just ask"
S2: "No"
S1: "Can I ask for you?"
S2: "No, it's embarrassing."
Finally, I interrupted and tried to speed along the process. I told student 2 to ask me whatever it was she wanted to ask (of course knowing what it was she wanted to ask). She got all red and tried to blow me off. I proceeded to tell her that I would not be offended, upset, or embarrassed. She just couldn't bring herself to do it so student 1 finally asked (side note - student 1 is a student whom I am fairly close to and feels she has the right to tell me anything and everything about her life or what she thinks about others or me).
My answer: "Yes, I am."

The class then proceeded to erupt as news quickly spread through the room. No joke, my students were running around the class freaking out. One boy even asked if he could go tell the other classes (we teach on teams so for the most part we knew the whereabouts of the other students I teach).
As each class came in that day they were all asking me if it was true. During my second as I was getting them started on their journal entry one boy raised his hand and asked, "Can we talk about the baby first." It was so cute to see how excited they were. Junior highers seriously make me happy.
Thursday and Friday last week were parent conferences and probably 95% of the parents who came in told me that their kid had come home and told them my good news. I was shocked that they were even talking about it outside of school.
If I ever doubted it before this just reminded me that I am so incredibly blessed to be teaching a great group of kids - I mean really they are pretty incredible. For as often as they drive me crazy they make me laugh a whole lot more.


Lewis Cash said...

The most awkward part of telling that is knowing what their are thinking about... weird.

Anyways, isn't teaching middle school the best?!?

Jamie Lynne Lapeyrolerie said...

Aww!! That is so cute!