Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our leap

When I stop for a moment and think about all that has changed in the last few weeks I am reminded just how big of a leap our family has taken. And yet at the same time I am reminded that some things will always stay constant no matter what major life changes take place...and that brings comfort. In the midst of this giant leap my friends have stood by me and given support, encouragement, and love. Some friends have traveled to say goodbye, others have helped us move in, some have shed tears of excitement and sorrow with us, they have called from other time zones to check in, my friends have been constant and proven that distance doesn't mean friendships have to be lost. In the mist of this giant leap my family has showed up to play and love on each of us. My mom (and a friend) spent the weekend with us and allowed Jim and I to have two evenings out in Portland which was necessary for us and we are so thankful for the time we had. In the midst of this giant leap God has remained faithful. I am always amazed at how God shows up and I wonder why I ever doubt. My goal on this new adventure in Portland is to find more time with God - I want to listen more, study more, ask more, discuss more, and find out more about the amazing God whom I have dedicated my life to.
So, while flying through mid-air I am comforted. Though everything around me has changed some things have not and for those things (friends, family, and God) I am forever thankful.

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