Saturday, August 2, 2008


I am currently in Austin, Texas with six of my girlfriends spending the weekend together catching up and hanging out. When I left to come to Austin my hope was that everything would be finalized with renting out our house and finding a home in Portland. Wednesday night we signed the lease for our house in Moorpark and Friday afternoon (after I got here) we found out that we got the townhouse we wanted in Portland. Relaxation - finally! I feel like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. We leave in 11 days and it is great to know that those things are finally taken care of. I feel like I can enjoy my weekend here in Austin now because I am not worrying anymore about the logistics of moving. Thank God!


Sarah Webber said...

Hooray! I can't believe you're moving in 11 days. That's so exciting. Enjoy Austin!

Cyndi "Mom" Krill said...

As you were experiencing one of the pleasant "resting times" in your life when every challenge nagging for solution gets resolved, the weight is lifted, and your body can truly relax with your girlfriends in Austin, we got to enjoy your husband, daughter, and friend, Jack. It was so much fun having Jim, Ami, & Jack even just overnight! I'm so excited everything worked out as far as renting your present home, finding a new home, etc. God has some exciting new things planned for your family in Oregon...and if I didn't already have a flight booked to come see you in Oct., I'd be so bummed...I miss you already...and that sweet little grin that Ami gives those she feels comfortable with. See you this weekend! Love, grammi