Thursday, September 11, 2008


Now that school is back in session I am at work and starting to get into my routines again. Last year I didn't stay on campus for lunch, however this year I do stay. Therefore, I have set a goal for myself to produce the least amount of waste that I can when making my lunches. Tonight I made lunch for Friday and managed to not bring anything that will become trash. It's somewhat healthy too :-) but that's another goal to tackle later. Tomorrow I will have a turkey sandwich, a few slices of salami, mozzarella cheese chunks, a plum, and water AND I won't have to throw anything away.
I probably am way too proud of myself for this small feat and I am sure many other people have been doing this forever, but I'm getting there at my own pace :-) Now if only I could ride my bike to work (it's over a small mountain though so it's just not going to happen) or even our scooter (of course I should probably get my license first and stop being lazy). thing at a time I suppose.


thomas castle said...

:) ah yes, welcome to the northwest my friend!

it's nice to have you that much closer again! hanging out with amalea was great great- if only you and jim were there hanging too, well then that would've been ideal :)

hoooopeefully i'll find my way down there sometime soon.

Andy Richards said...

that's awesome!! No waste! How cool is that! I for one don't believe this to be a small deal...Yay Robin!

Mariko Marie said...

That's such a good thing to think of doing! I am trying to figure out what living simply in my life would look like and that's another good thing to think about.