Monday, September 22, 2008


This evening I got the worst news I have received since we got to Oregon. To many of you this won't seem like horrible news, but for those who know me you will understand that it is. I realized tonight that I have to take 3 tests in order to get an official teaching license in Oregon. I am currently teaching on a temporary license, but I have a year or a year and a half to take these tests. Two of the tests are for Language Arts and one is multiple subjects. I am a really bad test taker. I took the tests in CA multiple times in order to pass. It's been like 8 years since I took a history or math class. I can handle myself in Language Arts (kind of), but in all other subjects I hardly know anything. For whatever reason this news has brought me to tears as I not only feel inadequate, but incompetent, frustrated, and confused. How can finding out I have to take tests make me feel this way? It really is sad that I have such bad test anxiety. I guess it's time to study...good thing my husband is smart and can help me.


Jamie Lynne Lapeyrolerie said...

That's a bust - but you'll do awesome!!

Cyndi "Mom" Krill said...

dear Robin, I was so sad reading your blog entry on "tests"...I know you'll do well because you will study and we will pray! God will give you the confidence & memory recall you'll need to pass...just a bump in the road, but I completely understand...after I had Bryan and hadn't worked for 6 mos. I cried because I was going to have to go into a Dentist's office for an interview. But God knew my anxiety, and set it up so that I didn't have to be interviewed, I just took over for a hygienist who was on vacation and never came back. I have full confidence in your mental abilities! See you Fri. XO grammi

The Besk Family said...

Just think how far you have made it. You are a teacher! You are motivated, dedicated, and SMART! You can do it! I'm sorry that you have found this bump in the road, but I know that God has provided a job for you, so he will provide the credentials.
Love you,