Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crafting Days

I finished a book this weekend and will start the Twilight series tomorrow. I am actually borrowing the book from one of my students since they all keep telling me I need to read it. It is the current most popular teen lit series so I figured I should be a good teacher and read it so that I can converse with them about it.
I am also finishing up making some cards to be mailed out this week.

I guess I am doing better at making time for those things. I haven't gotten out my sewing machine yet, but once Christmas gets closer I am sure I will. I'll be making some budget Christmas gives on my sewing machine this year (so get excited, but also very nervous).

It feels good to finish a book and to get lost in it while I was reading. It feels good to create cards for others to enjoy. I'm happy to say my crafting days are dusting off the cobwebs and beginning again after a much too long break.

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Cyndi "Mom" Krill said...

Hi Robin,
Good for you...I always enjoy receiving handcrafted gifts! Glad you found time to's so important to do these things that give us joy...I'm wondering how I will do not being able to play my accordion for 2 months! Love, grammi