Monday, October 27, 2008

CA prop 8

I received an email last night from one of my closest friends from high school and I wanted to share it here (I got her permission of course). The text below was actually written by her mother and I love her words - I think they touch so beautifully on what many of us feel regarding homosexuality. She is honest, real, raw, and personal - and I love it.

"As a parent the two most important things I want for my kids are for them to be happy and healthy. So when my daughter came to me and said she was the happiest she has ever been, that she has found someone she loved, then of course I was happy and excited for her. The only thing was, the love of her life was another woman. So I reacted like most other mothers would and I cried. This is not how I pictured her. The thoughts that ran through my mind were endless. I feared for her. I knew she would encounter many obstacles, that people who did not know her and know all her qualities would make unfavorable judgment of her, that her life would be so foreign and different from mine. It wasn't until I understood the depth of her unhappiness and her personal struggle to come to grips with her sexuality that I realized that she was hurting. She hid it well and sometimes even hid it from herself until she met someone who made her feel loved.

I tell you this because California has a proposition on the ballot that will affect not only her but other gay people who like her are extraordinary people who want the same rights and lives as married people. They have the same dreams as the rest of us have and they deserve the same joys and love that married people share. It is time that we open arms to everyone and dismiss our fears and treat people equally. I encourage you to vote No on Prop 8 so that all people have that chance of a happy and complete life with the one they love."

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Lewis Cash said...

She sounds like a wise and loving mother.