Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gas prices

Yes, I am thankful that gas prices are lower...and yet I am also bitter. I am bitter about the fact that we moved in August at the height of gas prices. Our move consisted of renting a gigantic uhaul that took a lot of gas and driving one of our vehicles over 1000 miles. How is it that gas is literally half as much now as it was when we moved. Oh the pain of the money spent to get us to Portland.


LeBlonde Princess said...

I hear you sister! Our vacation to Utah was all about driving...driving to get there & back and all day every day for two weeks driving in the Jeep (granted we never usually accomplished more than 35 miles in a 10 hour day going over the rocks, but that's another story), which 4-wheeling gets about 7 mpg! OUCH! But we are oh so thankful that the prices are down now for daily life and commuting! I am now waiting for all those people who raised their prices and added surcharges because gas was so high to lower them...not happening, hmmm

Jamie Lynne Lapeyrolerie said...

I holler back to that. All the money I spent on gas driving to Texas. BOO!!!!

lenamarie said...

Shady I say!
But getting to Portland was worth the price, right? =)
Now if only the price of airfare would drop as dramatically. I'd be on a plane to New Zealand SO quick.