Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have come to realize (and more importantly accept) that I am creature of habit. I think I have always wanted to be characterized as an "easy going" person who can just "roll with the punches", however I see now that those phrases do not describe me. I like routine, I crave a schedule, I need keeps me sane.
Now that we have begun to settle into life here in Portland we have developed a little routine with my work, Jim's work, and life with Ami. I love this. I love that I know when I go to work, when Jim goes to work, when and where I pick Amalea up and what to expect after I pick her up. I feel prepared and ready for the days because to some degree I know what to expect and this keeps me calm.
Now, I say all this and at the same time I do hope I can be more flexible and spontaneous, even in the every day happenings.

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LeBlonde Princess said...

I too am a routine-ite. It makes me happy & secure. I have sometimes been belittled by the free spirits in my life, but then they like it when dinner is well planned, holidays are a breeze and the bills are all paid on time. I think it is a good thing for mothers to have a good dose of this, I think kids need that security. But, free spirit-ites are great and I wish I had more of my kids wish I had been more fun?...sigh...oh to be perfectly balanced...or just perfect!