Friday, June 5, 2009


This week I took a glucose blood test as part of my pregnancy and unfortunately my numbers came back really high which means I am high risk for having gestational diabetes. In order to determine whether or not I have gestational diabetes I have to take a follow up blood test. This test takes 3 hours and I have to have my blood drawn 3 different times. In addition, I have to fast for 10 hours prior to the test as well as during it.
I am not looking forward to this test for a number of reasons. Ultimately I am not excited because the outcome scares me. I know gestational diabetes can be treated, but of course I hope I don't have it. It's another thing to put on my plate and I already feel overwhelmed by a lot of other things at the moment. I also am not looking forward to the fasting part or the part where I actually have to get my blood drawn so many times - I don't do well getting blood taken.
I am guessing we won't know results until Monday. Thank you for your prayers.


Mariko Marie said...

Definitely praying for you, Robin. Keep us posted on the results.

Chi-Ling Liu said...

I hope that when you get result back, whatever happens don't get too scared. I have Diabetes when I was pregnant back in the 80's. it went away after delivery for another 20 years. Now I am a non-medicated diabetes, I take one day a time on my life for my diabetes, I have some tips for you in my blog. hope diabetes will never catch up with

LeBlonde Princess said...

Praying for you, hang in there and remember, keep your eye on the prize...EVERYTHING is worth it for your beautiful new child!

Jamie Lapeyrolerie said...

Oh man! I'm sorry Robin for the added stress, but of course I will be praying lots. Love!