Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nothing for Christmas

"What do you want for Christmas?" The question has started being asked to me and my response so far has been that I can't think of anything. I'm not trying to be humble, I'm not trying to act like I am better than anyone else, I'm not trying to make a statement - I just honestly don't know what else I could possibly want. When I look at my life right now I don't see anything missing that I need to obtain or be given this Christmas. I have an amazing husband who sacrifices and gives me more than I could ever have dreamed, I have a beautiful baby girl who is healthy and growing strong, I have a family that loves me and is so excited for the stage of life I am currently in, I have friends who support me and are there for me. How could I ask for anything else? No game or gadget, no clothes or shoes, no fancy car or kitchen appliance could possibly make me happier than I am when I look honestly at all I have.
Yes, I have moments when I don't feel great about myself or when I feel exhausted and emotional - but I don't have moments when I feel like I need something else. I have been given so much and I pray that I don't forget what is most important this Christmas season and if I receive nothing then I won't be disappointed because I already have everything.

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Jamie Lynne the First said...

Well I guess I'll have to give Erin the 20x24 portrait of Lena. I really thought it was going to be something great. :) haha! J/k, but amen to that. it's awesome that you are experiencing so much of God's goodness and blessing. :) Love you!