Monday, January 12, 2009


Tonight Amalea had a fever so she was walking around without pants on trying to cool off. Jim and I were sitting on the floor next to each other and his head was on my shoulder. Amalea managed to move her way on into the middle of us and lay down with her us. It was one of those moments when you close your eyes and thank God for your life. Jim said, "Life is Good" and I couldn't agree more.
Many people around me have been dealing with death of family and friends in the past week along with some serious health things: the loss of an unborn child, the loss of a father, a daughter, a friend, another father, brain cancer, trips to the Emergency Room. It is so overwhelming.
In the midst of this I welcome the simple reminder from my daughter that "Life is Good" and am reminded by those around me to cherish each moment. Life happens so fast.

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Jamie Lynne Lapeyrolerie said...

Amen to that!

Aww..I miss little spaz hair Ami :)